John Owens

John-OwensJohn Owens is a 32 year old native from Pretoria. He grew up in a very small town called Eikenhof but moved to the Jacaranda city during his school years. He calls himself a late bloomer, having not had any interest in anything to do with modelling or fashion.

A few years ago I got a great opportunity to do a shoot for PhD Underwear and like they say, Bob’s your uncle,’ he says.

John says he was ‘bullied’ into taking part in Mr SA but in the end it completely changed his life as he saw the opportunities such a title could create for a person. He believes that the winner of Mr SA should really use the brand to create awareness about not only the competition but also about important issues and challenges in life.

John has for the last few years worked for one of the biggest private property trusts in South Africa and has since 2006 been under the top 5 sales persons in Africa.

He loves to uphold a healthy lifestyle and have taken up golf as a hobby. He’s also actively involved in charity work for children through the Africa Blessing’s project.

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