Zino Ventura

307187 2389171It was no major surprise that 30-something Zino Ventura walked away with the official Mr South Africa 2008 title earlier in March, as few could match not only his physical attributes, but so too his keen business mind, zest for life and passion for all things South African! His plan during his reign is definitely to leave his mark not only on the competition itself, but on South African society as a whole and is currently hard at work to achieve this aim. Born and bred in Northcliff, Johannesburg, Zino Ventura had an idyllic childhood, blessed with a family that not only instilled great values and beliefs at an early age, but continuously ensure to keep him level-headed and grounded, whilst supporting his strong independence and drive to succeed. A great lover of the outdoors, Zino excelled on the sports field, whether it was playing rugby at Craven Week, in the swimming pool, or earning provincial colours for natural bodybuilding – and walking off with many titles including, amongst others; “Mr Tom Cruz” and “Mr Fame Fitness” along the way. After having matriculated, a stint in the army as a Parabat, Zino believes, taught him discipline, humility and respect for others – all qualities that have stood him in good stead in his various business endeavours thereafter.
Fresh out of college, armed with a building sciences, electrical engineering and interior design qualification, the 22 year old Zino started his own business, and his entrepreneurial drive hasn’t let him down since! Not afraid of hard work and along with his business acumen, Zino now runs a number of businesses in all spheres of construction and design work. Along with other business partners, he also runs a property development company dealing with the sectional title residential market, of which his company has already proven in its 6 years of existence, to be one of the biggest players in this field. Whilst hard at work at the office, Zino also ensures he leads a balanced and healthy life-style, making time for family and friends, and past-times that include flying light aircraft, gym, dancing and traveling. One of Zino’s highlights to date has been his trip to Tibet where he hiked for two weeks and got the opportunity of being able to pray with Tibetan monks.
Now that he has been awarded the honour of being the official Mr South Africa 2008, Zino will be rising to this new challenge, ensuring that the competition grows from strength to strength during his reign, whilst at the same time continuing his already ongoing commitment to the various charities that he has long supported.
Not one to rest on his laurels, Zino not only plans to make the necessary appearances at society events, but is also currently looking at the various options of staging his own series of events during the coming year, to raise further funds for charities close to his heart. As this information becomes available, the media and public will be advised. He feels honoured to have been given this platform and looks forward to making a mark on South African society in many years to come, and not only during the coming year as Mr South Africa.
Zino Ventura has the Enstein quote as his mantra: “There is no limitation in the mind except what we acknowledge”, and through his various endeavours, strives to live this, without regret, each day.
Says Zino “I am proud to say that I have accomplished many of the goals I have set for myself over the past few years. For me, being a part of the Mr South Africa competition was a privilege and I don’t take my new responsibilities lightly! I cannot think of a more honorable opportunity to be a proud ambassador for this lovely country of ours. I am PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN and will wave our banner high wherever I am able to!”