Sakhile Hlengwa

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Name: Sakhile Hlengwa.

Age: 33.

Hometown: Durban.

Language: English and Zulu.

High School: Clairwood Technical High School. 

University/ College: Durban University of Technology.

Job Description: Jnr Manager (Production Foreman)

Favorite Quote: "I'm not a product of my circumstances, I'm a product of my decisions".

This actually means, no matter where You're coming from and despite your background, nothing can deprive you from achieving your goals.
You are your own personal Manager.

Favorite Food: Sea food! and my second best will be anything with chicken.

Hobbies: Outdoor events, social and sports.
Mountain biking, swimming, obstacle courses and gym.

Short description about yourself: Self driven individual who always strive for the best.

What will your contribution be, should you become Mr South Africa 2016? I was born and raised in a rural/township area and I went against all odds, been through all sorts of hurdles and I survived, therefore I can say I'm proud to be the man I am today.

However, "Success isn't about what you accomplish in life, it's about what you inspire others to do".

Using some of the above experience and knowledge, I'll be able to inspire and educate our youth especially those who are coming from the rural and township areas.
South Africa is currently facing high unemployment rate and most of our youth is exposed to high levels of substance abuse (drugs and alcohol etc).

I will use Mr South Africa as a platform to get involved in such related campaigns, raising awareness for using such substances and highlighting the importance of education.
I believe it will have a great impact if it comes from someone who relates or understand the conditions and their background.

What are the qualities, should a Mr South Africa title holder have? I regard Mr South Africa as our youth leader, you have to be an all rounder, a well educated individual who reflect intellectual capabilities with leadership skills and able to make informative decisions.

You should be well spoken and able to communicate across all levels, you need to look the part, taking care of your self physically and living a healthy lifestyle.
Peoples skills is a must, a person that is full of fun, loving and caring, a person who will inspire, connect and interact with our youth.