Godfrey Mphatswe

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Name: Godfrey Mphatswe

Age: 32

Hometown: Mohlakeng Ext.3, Randfontein

Language: Setswana

High School: Bakolobeng High School

University / College: AAA School of Advertising

Job Description: Organizational Development Administrator

Favourite Quote: Do what you can with what you have where you are.

Favourite Food: Home cooked meals with love.

Hobbies: Modeling, Gym, Traveling, Socializing, meeting people, dancing

Short description about yourself: A go-getter, self-motivated, passionate, loyal, humble, always willing to listen and help. I am a people's person and believe that the good that is surrounding me is caused by my positive energy and treating others as I would like to be treated. I am the center of respect and know that each one of us is a wonderful creation of the most high. I am because of you.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa: To be an eye, the mouth piece and a servant for my fellow South Africans. To always tackle issues involving Youth, Orphanages and Communities most especially the rural areas. To Present South Africa selflessly locally and internationally.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have: MR South Africa title holder should be able to fill the big shoes and follow on Tata Madiba's footsteps. A gentleman with a warm heart, great personality, approachable, humble, a good listener with great interpreting skills. A gentleman who puts others first before him, selfless, proactive, caring, loving, considerate and always willing to help. Most importantly a person who is willing to work with our youth, a support structure and an inspiration to them.