Iwan Buchler

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Name: Iwan Büchler

Age: 20

Home Town:  Pretoria

Language: Afrikaans; English

High School: HS Garsfontein

University / College:

Job Description: Student and part time model

Favourite Quote: "Love is three quarters curiosity": Giacomo Casanova

Favourite Food: Don't really have a favourite, but if I have to choose a last meal, it will be Linguine with basil pesto

Hobbies: Exercise, martial arts, yoga, mixing music, reading classic literature and clubbing

Short Description: I am a restless soul and am on a perpetual quest to better myself spiritually, physically and cognitively.

I wish I could live for a thousand years to experience the best life has to offer.

What will your contribution be if you should become Mr South Africa: I will strive to better my life and through that, if it is in my power, the lives of all those whom I may come into contact with.

What qualities should a Mr South Africa title holder have Mr South Africa:Mr South Africa should stand out in a crowd and have a presence. He should be able to listen and converse with anybody on any level. He should be compassionate and endearing.