Sabelo Msane

Sabelo Msane


Port Shepstone, Highflats

English and IsiZulu

High School:
Isinamuva High School

University / College:
UKZN, Howard

Job Description:
Fourth Year LLB Student Favourite Quote: Sometimes we tend to look at which wrongs we have done than the good about one another, one mistake should not diminish the good moments we once had.

Favourite Food:
Macaroni and Cheese, Lasagna

Swimming and Reading

Short description about yourself:
I am a very accommodative, responsive, punctual, respectful and understanding person. I believe every life matters.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa:
It would have to be, cultivating the youth persue what they want or are good at in life before it's too late. The biggest fear is the inability to strive towards your dreams at a young age just because there's no one up there to motivate or aid them into reaching or getting closer to such aspirations.

As Mr South Africa, I would be obliged to be seen as an idol to many, and act like one. By so doing, I will to be a pillar of people's strengths. Be motivational, edge and aid those who are doubtful of themselves. To trigger self-worth and goal-orientation. Teach people that being fearless means one fights until the end, than to give up along the way before being certain that they have failed. To try is better than not knowing how you would have ended be that you tried.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have:
Mr SA will be a high profiled individual with a lot of tasks to do, on a calendar year. Said tasks are of distinct undertakings, locations, and dealing with various South African and Abroad race groups. Therefore, such a person would have to be FLEXIBLE to consider everyone's life a life worth living and thus equal. He would have to be GOAL-DIRECTED to accomplish all tasks before him. The holder shall be ENCOURAGEOUS as SA Ambassador to give people hope to living or that anything is possible. He has to be INTELLIGENT and PASSIONATE.