Muneer Holloway


Muneer Holloway


Port Elizabeth


High School:
Saint Thomas senior secondary high school

University / College:
Siyaya skills institute

Job Description:
I am a admin clerk at a primary school also studying for my business administration level 2 certificate.

Favourite Quote:
my favourite quote is by Sir Francis Bacon "knowledge is power "I find this very inspiring as I believe your circumstances do not define you but through hard work and dedication knowledge is the power to set you aside and let you be free .

Favourite Food:
I love pastas,pizza, and mutton curry anything spicy but with the right blend is my type of food.

I enjoy keeping active by jogging,walking, swimming.Spending time with my family and friends I also enjoy baking and bringing joy to people in need by doing charity work.

Short description about yourself:
I am a self confident individual who is passionate to make a difference in the country I am ambitious hard working and determined to succeed at anything I set my mind to...I am reliable and trust worthy I believe that if you srtive to do your best than you can achieve it the sky is the limit.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa:
if I were to be Mr South Africa 2017 I would inspire the nation and our youth.I would encourage and motivate them to strive for their possible best I would do various events for charity work I would create awareness about important campaigns. I would be bold different unique and take the title to New heights to the best of my ability..I would be a role model to our country.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have:
A Mr South Africa should be confident humble and comfortable in his own skin he should be a role model inspiring our nation and running awareness about various campaigns he should be friendly and a people's person. I believe those are the key essentials for a Mr South Africa.