Zolisa Nomandla

Zolisa Nomandla


I was born at Cradock; raised between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. I’m now permanently residing in Cape Town.

isiXhosa and English

High school:
Matthew Goniwe Comprehensive School

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Job description:
I work as a Supply Chain Management Practitioner. The main focus areas of my work is procurement of goods and services and timely payments to the creditors.

Favorite Quote:
When the end comes for you, let it find you conquering a new mountain not sliding an old one. Jim Rohn

Favorite Food:
Vegetables are my favourite food. However, some days I easy up on them with oxtail stew with couscous.

I enjoy working out every day. I also enjoy offering my time to community work and taking photographs. I love reading science and inspiration books.

Short description about yourself:
I’m a self-motivated fun-loving guy with a great sense of humour. It is in my nature to love and respect other people. I’m clear with divine genius within myself. I stand with integrity, and I have good ethics.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa:
All my life, I felt like I was called by life to do some great work. But, because of my negative programming and the limited vision of myself, I was afraid to answer the call. So now, if I were to become the next MR South Africa; I would commit the rest of my natural life inspiring and coaching the youngsters of our generation and teach them how develop a larger vision of themselves. Furthermore, through this platform, I would give my time to participate in charity work and humanitarian projects across the country. Les Brown once said, “We should be ashamed to die until we have made some major contribution into humankind”. So, I would team-up with all the relevant stakeholders, community groups and non-profit organizations to raise research funds on how to eliminate prostate cancer in the face of the universe.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have:
In order to embody your effectiveness as a leader, you need to have leadership potential and the ability to be led, because leaders with any sense of humility understand that they are not superior to the other members of the team. Moreover, a leader must be able to communicate his views unambiguously and passionately, as we all know that passion rubs off to other people. These are some of the qualities I think MR South Africa should have. Infinite