Khanya Gwele

Khanya Gwele

23 yrs

Home town:
Eastern Cape In Qumbu

English and Xhosa

High school:
Tsolo high school

Ikhala Public FET college and South West Gauteng College

Job description:
Enterpreneur, salesperson and Admin Assistant

Favourite quote:
“The power to let go give birth to greater beginings, your blessing is on the other side of the pain. Let go”

Favourite food hobbies:
Modeling, sports and being involved in a group of People discussing interesting topics.

Short description about yourself:
Its quite simple am a man in a mission focused, Driven, hardworking, ambitious and determined To get there!

What will you contribute if you Should become Mr SA:
One former Mr SA John Owen once said “Use the title not for fame but to grow the Mr SA brand in all All sections”. Therefore I will use this platform to To Inspire, teach and motivate the millions of South Africa Citizen to evoke positive change in Their lives and in the society and will also use the To highlight social issues and problems, and Encourage others to make a difference in other people’s lives. I would also use the title to bring Awareness to compaigns close to my heart like Stop Drugs, Crime Stop and Empower education.

What qualities should a Mr SA:
He should be Young, energetic, ambitious Title holder have. Determined, driven, great personality and good Listener and a Leader. Someone that will motivate The youth of our country in making important Decisions which will benefit the future the future Generation, He must posses all the ambassadorial Qualities that will set him apart from an average Man.