Adrian More

Adrian Ozzy More




High School:
Parktown Boys' High School

University / College:

Job Description:
Personal Trainer.
Exercise Specialist - working with pregnant woman, people with disabilities and children.

Favourite Quote:
"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." - Paulo Coelho

Favourite Food:
My favourite take-away food has to be pizza! If we are talking home made meals, I enjoy mac and cheese, pancakes with cinnamon, waffles and ice cream!

I enjoy reading, public speaking, spending time with my family, going for walks and hikes, hitting the gym and pumping iron, watching boxing as well as doing some boxing, cooking, writing in my journal, anything that is new-fun-adrenaline-pumping, listening to some great music, and spending time in nature.

Short description about yourself:
First of all, I am always grateful for everything I have! Every day I wake up with a single objective: improve yourself today - work hard on becoming a better man! I focus on being present in every moment so that I can give my undivided attention the person/people in front of me or to the task(s) at hand. I love the process of hard work because that teaches me so many valuable lessons in life. I always want myself to improve on the small tasks so when I undertake bigger tasks I'll be able to complete them in a great way. I love behaving like gentleman.

More than that, I love laughing! That is my strong point. I watch movies, I enjoy dressing up when the occasion allows me to and yes, I enjoy wearing small clothes that makes me look as muscular as most comic superhero's.
I am a family man and I believe that I should treat everybody fairly as individuals and accept them for who they are. I just seek to gain the adoration of children and the respect of elderly people.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa:
- My contribution would be to become the best version of myself so I can serve others to the best of my ability! I do want to make an attempt to reach my full potential in being a great man so that young men can strive to learn from me and become even greater than me. Yes, most of us want to save thee entire world and make it a better place but to me, I strive to light up my part of the world and to make it a better place for the people around me.

I would strive to build a better community sports centre for kids in my neighbourhood. I would get involved in community programs that would allow me to speak to young people and paint a vivid picture of what the world has to offer them with regards to education, sports, arts and culture and so much more. I want to teach children, adults and even grandparents about ways to look after their beautiful bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
I'd strive to assemble a team so strong, so determined, and so skillful that we can look at ways of making South Africa a better place for future generations. We can teach a whole new generation a set of life skills that can improve the quality of their lives so they can make better decisions so that we can have a better, bigger and brighter future for South Africa.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have:
A MR. South Africa should always carry his heart on his sleeve. He must be a man of integrity and honour. A man of honesty and bravery. A humble man yet confident and dominating. He should be able to control his emotions and look at things from an objective standpoint He should be a man of great stature. He should look after his mind, body and soul and yet be such a hard worker that he drinks a beer at the end of every working day feeling satisfied with his effort he put into his work.

When people look at MR. South Africa, they should see a way out in him, they should see a brighter future when he speaks and they should be able to feel inspired when they see his hard work because he lets his work do the talking.

MR. South Africa is to be an influential gentleman among his peers, he ought to behave like gentleman when in the public eye and in his private life and appreciate every person who he comes into contact with. Most importantly, he should always be a man of gratitude.