Hánniël Mostert

Hánniël Mostert


Cape Town

Afrikaans & English

High School:
Bloubergrant High School

High University / College:

Job Description:
Personal Trainer & Sports Conditioning Coach
Nutrition Consultant
Sports Massage Therapist
Studying LAW

Favourite Quote:
Trust, have Faith and continue to be strong to all the challenges of life.

Favourite Food:
Steak, Chicken, Vegetables, Pizza, Asian/Mexican Spicy Food

Exercising at Gym and weight lifting, Golf, Quad biking, Sky Diving, Outdoor activities, love to braai, Love to walk dogs on the beach, Collecting model cars

Short description about yourself:
My passion is LIFE - Live in Fitness Everyday. As a "results-driven" person, I train clients on a daily basis and will always do my utmost best in assisting them until they achieve their desired goal. I love to interact with different people from various backgrounds, because I believe you can always learn something from others. I easily volunteer my assistance to others.
My moto is "Dream to Achieve"......If you work hard, anything is possible.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa:
As an ambassador of South-Africa, I will utilize this platform to address the social situation of the country, by launching awareness campaigns and play a positive role in uplifting issues such as unemployment, poverty, hunger, abuse against women and children as well as the elderly.
Our children are the future of our country; therefore I will make it my duty to be a positive role model in motivating, guide and inspire them to commit themselves to a more healthier lifestyle. Education plays a vital role in our country; therefore I will inspire the youth to get educated to prepare themselves for a better future.
I will involve myself with the SPCA to uplift programmes against the cruelty of animals; seeing that animals are close to my heart. I will assist with the protection and conservation of animals as well as addressing the public against the illegal slaughter of rhinos.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have:
A Mr South Africa title holder should lead by example, a positive leader who leads from the front and not drive from the back, somebody that all South Africans can look up to. It should be a humble and honest person, who displays a high sense of integrity. The title holder should be a people's person, somebody who listens carefully before he speaks, a person who leaves a lasting impression on all the lives of people he gets in touch with.