Mkhiwane Mandlonke



Flagstaff (Eastern Cape)


High School:
Zwelibongile senior secondary school

University / College:
Gamalakhe TVET college and Walter sisulu university

Job Description:

Favourite Quote:
"if you want to conquer the world put the education first" -vikas swarrupt

Favourite Food:
beef stroganoff or African cuisine.

Gym,listening to Music and Reading the Holly bible.

Short description about yourself:
I am a self driven,enthusiastically intrinsically person who is always willing to help and learn some thing new.

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. South Africa:
I believes that Mr south Africa is not just a tittle but it is a platform of grooming and inspiring the future leaders,so if I can become Mr south Africa I can posses the qualities of true beauty or qualities of good being a great ambassodor for Example being pure in the heart and soul,good action and deed,showing integrity and competence and helping those who are still willing to perfect them selves because being MR South Africa is not about just my self but also about helping other people so i will also get involved in community work and groom others to be like me.

What qualities should a MR. South Africa title holder have: 
Mr south Africa should be an man of honor and truth a man that shows the characteristics of good leadership skill,Excellence professionalism able to stand for south Africa with out any doubts.