1. When did the Mr South Africa competition originate and who then managed the contest?

The competition/trademark started in 1982 and was registered by Jan Malan. The trademark has changed a few hands since then and some of the people that owned it included, Jan Malan, Momentum, Susca Watts and now Rudi Baker.

2. What is the procedure for a potential contestant to become involved in the Mr South Africa competition?

Since 2013, the entries are accepted online on our official website, where contestants complete an entry form and submit photos, before the next steps are communicated to them.

3. What are the criteria that a potential contestant should adhere to when considering entering the Mr South Africa competition?

All Mr South Africa applicants must:
• Be at least 20 years of age and not older than 33 on 1 January 2016
• Be a South African citizen, in possession of a valid South African ID or passport. A clear and legible copy of the ID or Passport must accompany this application.
• Be in possession of a Matric certificate or equivalent qualification.
• Have no criminal record.
• Entries close 12:00 am on 30 April 2015.
• Have a valid driver's licence.
• An entry fee of R400 per entry is payable upon successful completion and acceptance of the entry form.
• Judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
• Submission of this form constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions
Unlike Miss South Africa, the contestant can be married or unmarried, be hetero- or homosexual and can have a child.

4. When and where will the 2015 Mr South Africa contest take place?

The competition is a process and not just a gala evening, this process takes about 10 months to complete, during which the contestants go through various tasks and challenges in order to assess their abilities, character and drive. This is crucial in determining the most deserving winner. The final night will be in Gauteng during December 2015.

5. What motivated Rudi to buy the business?

Rudi Baker saw the Mr South Africa competition as a platform and tool to inspire men to be the best they can be, mould men into role models and choose an aspirational man to act as an ambassador and role model for men in South Africa. He saw it as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in South Africa - to inspire, motivate and uplift.

6. What is Rudi's business background?

Rudi Baker's Bio

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right." Hendry Ford

Rudi Baker was born and grew up on the East Rand. He has 34 diplomas/certificates in business, marketing, design, computer technology, film making, psychology and the health and medical field. In 1999 he founded his first company Healing Hands International, a college in complimentary health and therapy. From a modest beginning, the company grew and within a few years this company made a name for itself on national footprint, with a branch in every major centre in South Africa. The company then made itself known on an international level by opening a branch in Mauritius. Currently consisting of eight branches in South Africa and one in Mauritius, the company continues to reap profitable rewards.

In 2004, Rudi registered as a Doctor in Ethno-Medicine with EPASA and trained thousands of people in complementary medicine. In 2002 he ventured into facilitation of training and set-up of spas in South Africa and was involved with the setup and personally trained, what is now, the biggest and most successful spa in South Africa. In 2008 his work in the spa industry earned him the International Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Humanitarian Spa Award, this is the highest acclaim for the spa industry in South Africa, for training and upliftment of the underprivileged in South Africa.
As film is one of his passions, in 2008 he studied filmmaking and for the final project he produced a short film that was featured at the WITS film festival. His credits for the film were producer, director, story, script, music composited by, music performed by, offline editor and assistant to online editor. He is also a producer of video and film.

In 2011 he founded PhD underwear, a clothing brand focusing on Men's underwear and swimwear and in that year, his label was seen at SA Fashion Week. The brand exploded and in less than two years, has become one of the best and well-known brands in South Africa, known for quality, design and comfort. Rudi, as an experienced photographer and designer, has successfully designed and created branding material, websites, photo shoots and modelling events that continuously support his business strategy of professionalism and creativity.

His interests in the Mr South Africa brand grew in 2012, after being a sponsor of the brand as owner of PhD. After negotiations in May 2012, he bought the trademark and company. With a huge amount of passion and vision for the Mr South Africa brand, he has already made a huge impact, elevating the brand and competition to new and its highest levels in less than a year. With Rudi's vast experiences and expertise in many fields as well as 14 years experience in company directorship, his talent for marketing and building brands ensures that the Mr South Africa brand is set to be one of the most powerful brands in South Africa.

7. Will there be any known South African personalities as some of the judges in the competition?

Yes, as always. These will be confirmed at a later stage.

8. Also what are some of the prizes that the contestants will take home?

• The most important prize would be the title of Mr South Africa, which puts the winner in the spotlight for a year, providing an amazing platform to open up doors and opportunities in realising personal and professional goals and ambitions. Prize sponsors are secured during the year and the prizes differ year year.
• Mr SA 2014 received R565,000+ prizes
• First /second received R33,280 and R35,280 prizes respectively
• Top 12 prizes: R25,280 each

9. Define the concept of "Men of Honour"

'Men of Honour' is more than just the theme or marketing slogan for the Mr South Africa competition.
Being a Man of Honour is a philosophy that permeates through every thought, everything we say, everything we share, everything we do.
Being a Man of Honour is accepting a lifestyle that we not only have the ability but the duty to positively influence the lives of others - every day.
It is accepting our responsibility that we have a calling to definitively make a real and remarkable difference in the lives of those who need our guidance and direction the most.
It is accepting and respecting the rights of others, fighting for human dignity, standing up for social justice and appreciating the environment, that make us who we are.
It is accepting that accountability, care, respect, honesty, integrity and obligation to be a Man of Honour is what makes a true Mr South Africa.

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