Monday, January 26, 2015

Mr South Africa

Striving to find the perfect aspirational man; balanced in health, intelligence, passion, drive, ambition, attractiveness. A leader, to inspire and motivate. To act as a role model for boys and men to aspire to. To make a difference towards a better South Africa.


Not a “male model” but a “model male

Excellence. Integrity. Adventure. Professionalism. Competence. Compassion. These are the characteristics that define Mr. South Africa. Mr. South Africa is a contest that looks to find an ambassador for South Africa; one that exhibits the qualities that set him apart from the average man. A man who has superior qualities, intelligence, commitment, good looks, and a healthy, fit physique. He must possess inner power and strength to be able to handle conflict and difficult situations in a professional manner. He must have a great personality and be fun loving with a balanced lifestyle.

This competition has been running since 1982 and some of our entrants include: Michael Moll (after winning became the Top Billing presenter), Marcus Muller (after winning became an actor on Egoli), Dieter Voigt (after winning became the presenter of Pasella), Zino Ventura, ( C.I.G.A.R.E.), Stephen Segal (became the presenter of Life's a Journey), and current Mr South Africa, John Owens.

This is a window of opportunity to be at the forefront of fashion and health, attend SA's finest social events, meet the who's who and corporate SA and firmly establish themselves on the next rung of their life plan.


2014 Top 25